Who are we?

We’re a young and passionate team of creative thinkers. We love working together and coming up with colorful, innovative ideas. We embrace thinking outside the box and we get excited about keeping our work fresh. If you’re looking for a place where you can take control of how your work is carried out, as well as pitch your great ideas and see them come into fruition – apply now and join us.

1 Integrated team
140 Aspiring enthusiasts
46,000 Business users
89,000 Appointments booked every day

Our workplace

We never rest on our laurels or let complacency take root in our daily work. We always go that one step further by testing things out, analyzing them, asking questions and probing for answers. Versum is all about creativity, originality and passion and we have people who know the true meaning of teamwork and zeal. We simply love having fun together in the office whilst working hard, but also have a blast outside office hours.

Why work for us?

„Marcin creates extraordinary memes. Kuba tells crazy stories about ants. Monika’s travelled to all the places I’d like to go. Leszek is an amazing ukulele player. These colorful characters make Versum what it is today - a great place to be.”
“I walk into the office. The buzz, the laughter and banter, discussions and phone calls slowly fill up the space. Good vibes. I feel like I’m part of it all. And I want to be.”
„Versum’s not just about work – it’s an adventure that changes your life. It’s a story about passionate people whose love and commitment have changed our reality. Join us and become part of this amazing team.”

What do we offer?

The wellbeing of our team members is our top priority. Versum is proud to have a happy and highly motivated group of people who are passionate and committed to their work.
At Versum you’ll find that perfect work-life balance!

Comfort and convenience

modern interiors and top-quality office equipment

Flexible work schedule

you choose what hours you work

Private medical care

unlimited access to specialist doctors
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Fun for everyone

sports and integration events

English language

courses are financed by the company

Personal consultancy

we cover the costs of meetings

Job offers

In December 2020, Versum merged with Booksy to become a leader on the global hair & beauty market.
Check out the live vacancies in our combined team:

If the above vacancies are’t quite right for you but you want to introduce yourself anyway, send us your CV and let us know what you’re looking for: careers@versum.com


Our offices

Head office Bielsko-Biała
ul. Cieszyńska 90, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała

Branch office Katowice
ul. Jesionowa 22, 40-158 Katowice